• Geoff Hunnef

The Dimensions of Reality

The physical world is often described in the 3 traditional dimensions of length, width and height; reality is seemingly composed of at least 3 dimensions as well. These dimensions are spoken about all over the world in many cultures found within it. These dimensions aren’t anything new and you have probably heard of them before. These 3 dimensions are the physical, emotional and mental. For the sake of simplicity we have given shapes to represent these dimensions symbolically.

The physical dimension is represented as the cube, the emotional dimension as the sphere and the mind is shown through the pyramid.

The body spans the widest.

The cube represents matter, the basic building block of the physical world. This is a symbolic representation of the body; it offers stability, protection, sensuality and is key cornerstone for our existence in this world. If we were to use a car analogy, the cube is like the chassis, frame or body of the car.

The heart lies the deepest.

The sphere represents our emotions, often the driving force behind our motives and actions. Our emotions colour, enhance and guide us along our journey through life. Much like the shape of a hug or a loving embrace, the sphere is the symbolic manifestation of the highly mobile and at times unpredictable direction of movement our emotions can take us. Following the car analogy, our emotions would be the engine of the car that is mainly used to move us.

The mind sits the highest.

The pyramid is to shine as the mind; similar to if we were to sit at the top of a pyramid, we could see more and much further than the view from the bottom. The mind directs plans, rationalizes and explains. Our mind is like the driver of a car where the driver changes the oil, rotates the tires, steers the wheel and directs the car to any desired destination.

To expand the idea of the car analogy, we get into an Uber wishing to head somewhere. When the driver arrives we get in the car (the body of this vehicle) and we tell the driver who has maintained this car and will drive to the best of their abilities to get us to our destination. The engine is what moves the car and everyone in it. If we have the car and engine but no driver there is no one to steer the vehicle. If we have the driver and the car but no engine the car won’t even start. And a driver with an engine but no chassis is nowhere near a car.

These three dimensions are crucial to navigate our way through this world and yet we are not any of these dimensions. Remember, we don’t steer the vehicle as the driver would or move the vehicle as the engine does and we certainly don’t serve as the body of the vehicle; we are the passenger in the back.

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