• Geoff Hunnef

Dare to dare yourself? - Fire walk

Hey guys over the covid down time I decided to do my first fire walk and convinced at least half the fam to partake in this little existential journey. I did the reading on it and the science was sound now it was just a matter of taking that first step to getting it all started. We laid the wood out and got it all fired up and let the wood burn down into coals. The first time we thought we would throw some charcoal briquettes around to help get things going but quickly realized charcoal briquettes burn at a much hotter temperature than soft or hardwood pieces. So we knocked it all down, racked out the coals and built another one only this time no charcoal and it turned out much better.

The science was there, I watched a few videos on the matter and got the gist of the whole thing, you step light and smooth maintaining consistent speed and can even wet the feet a little providing a moisture barrier to help offer a little more protection. The idea is that wood is a poor conductor of heat and has little internal heat to pass on that the brief contact had with the feet don’t offer enough transmission of heat to burn the feet… That being said, when standing in front of the pit of hot embers one can understand a slight hesitation that washes over you as you question why you are about to walk barefoot over glowing coals.

Most of the people there that night partook and stepped onto the coals daring injury and

I tried to keep it cool calm and collective but found it hard to maintain a consistent speed when you start to feel the sear of the heat. Surprisingly no injuries were had that night though I hear that is not always the case. Looking forward to next time and going a little bigger to walk a little longer.

What did I learn from this fire walk? Aside from some of the technical elements that were picked up like how to build the fire and some of the technique to walk across the fire pit but that’s all small stuff to the more interesting things that we can learn from inside.  I was pretty sure I could do the walk especially over such a small distance but it was surprising to feel how much even with all the logic and science and evidence of being able to walk across the coals I still tensed up, I would pick up my pace as I walked further into the heat.  I quickly learned a little more humility in my beliefs and expectations in myself. I walked away with a greater sense of knowing myself as I was able to come up to a physical barrier that produces a strong sense of aversion your body and mind could be telling you “no, good sir, don’t walk over there, walk over here” and to be able to override that voice to push past the physical sensations and to willingly, consciously choose to do something that in all honesty not everyone can, and that hurdle is all in our minds.  One way to step out and beyond that self-doubt is to step out into the fire and burn away all that isn’t you.

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